Personalized Two-Tone Bamboo Cutting Board


Beautifully crafted natural bamboo cutting boards with gorgeous two-tone coloring. These boards are laser engraved for personalization. They make fantastic gifts for hosts, housewarming, real-estate closing gifts, and more.

This is an effective corporate branded gift. By decorating one side with the recipient's name, you practically guarantee they will hold on to your gift. When the customer flips over the board, to cut on the opposite side from their name, they will see your contact information. This makes a long lasting advertising opportunity for you and a convenient way for your clients to remember how to contact you. This is critical since statistics show that 70% of home-buyers don't remember their agent's name after 1 year! Our staff can help you brand this board or suggest many either items that will keep your name in your buyer's mind.

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18" x 12", 13 1/2" x 11 1/2"


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