How to create a team store with Winning Imprints


Define the purpose and timeline of your store

Are you aiming to build spirit, create a uniform appearance, or do fundraising?

Our system allows you to set up goals that match the needs of your group.

Now is also a good time to determine how long the store will be open. Is this a corporate uniform program available to new hires and therefore needs to always remain open? Spiritwear stores for teams are more successful with short ordering windows such as one to two weeks.


Work with our team to design your store

You can use your group’s existing artwork or work with Winning Imprints to create a design specific to your team spirit. We will then mock up all the items and set up your store. 



Pick Clothing and Accessories

Pick the products that match your group’s needs. We can help you identify top styles for a variety of price points. Team stores can also offer non-wearables such as window clings, water bottles, and bags.

This is the time when you also determine if items can be personalized with names on the backs of shirts, on water bottles, and on bags.


STEP 4: Spread the word

Our system allows you to set up fundraising through sales. You determine how much to add to each product sold. Encourage participation with a tracker that displays the funds raised to date on the website.

Winning Imprints staff can help increase sales with flyers and social media graphics.

STEP 5: Order Delivery

Winning Imprints staff takes over fully from here. Our team will fulfill the orders as well as sort them for easy distribution by the store representative. We do offer to ship orders upon request.

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